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OTN at Oracle OpenWorld

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OTN events to put on your calendar right away!

  • OTN Kick Off Event –  Sunday, October 25th, 1 to 5pm - Stop by the OTN Lounge to start your time at OpenWorld or JavaOne with the OTN team and fellow attendees.  Join us for a beverage and a snack, make your own tshirt, check out the latest OTN programs and more!  In OTN Lounge Moscone South Upper Lobby.
  • Bloggers Meetup - Wednesday, October 28th, 5:30 to 7pm - More Details to come.


OTN Lounge Moscone South Upper Lobby Activities and Meetups-


Community Meetups -

  • Oracle RAC Attack 12c [CON10157] – Sunday October 25th, 10am to 1pm.  As a system administrator, developer, or DBA this is the perfect workshop to start Oracle OpenWorld 2015 on user group Sunday. You get to install or test an Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) 12c cluster using Oracle VM VirtualBox on your laptop. Whether you have or haven’t worked with Oracle RAC 12c before, you will enjoy this hands-on experience performing installations or taking a jump-start to test features of your application against Oracle RAC 12c. You can ask for help at any point or discuss your experiences with Oracle RAC experts, ACEs, and ACE Directors. Note: Participants must use their own laptop with recommended specifications of any 64-bit OS that supports Oracle VM VirtualBox, 8 GB RAM, and 45 GB free HDD space. SSDs are recommended.


Come Learn About OTN Programs -

  • ACE Program Kiosk – Monday to Thursday 10 to 5 Daily (until 2 pm on Thursday) - Oracle ACE Program Recognizes prominent advocates. Come by the Kiosk in the OTN Lounge to -
    • Learn how to become an Oracle ACE
    • Gain community recognition for sharing your knowledge and expertise
    • Advance your career and network with like-minded peers
  • Community Kiosk –  Monday to Thursday 10 to 5 Daily (until 2 pm on Thursday) - Learn about the Oracle Technology Network Community Platform, where you can get answers to questions, network with peers, and be rewarded for your expertise. Get a kiosk check-in badge on your community profile and a matching button for your lanyard! There will also be opportunities to meet community managers who run our product communities, My Oracle Support Community, our new Service Cloud community, and Oracle Marketing Cloud Topliners.


Daily Activities in OTN Lounge-

  • OTN Community Quest - In conjunction with OTN (@oracleotn), the OAUX emerging technology team will run an OTN Community Quest — like the scavenger hunt we ran at ODTUG Kscope15. We can’t tell you much about it yet, but it should be a lot of fun, so make note if you’re attending OpenWorld or JavaOne this year and stay tuned.
  • Make Your Own Shirt - October 25th through October 28th come by and design your own OTN shirt. See some of the new designs available this year below -
    15221_OTN Lounge-Graphics_FINAL 1.jpg 15221_OTN Lounge-Graphics_FINAL 4.jpg15221_OTN Lounge-Graphics_FINAL 5.jpg15221_OTN Lounge-Graphics_FINAL 7.jpg15221_OTN Lounge-Graphics_FINAL 8.jpg
  • Giant Games
  • Graffiti Wall - Fusing interactive technology with street art, the LCD Digital Graffiti Wall is built to look and feel just like the real thing. Paint palette options, resizable stencils, stickers, nozzle selections, drips and splatters — it's all there. Guests simply pick up one of the specially designed digital spray cans and try out their skills on the wall. If they really get into the art, there's even an option to share via social media or email.