WebRTCAttachments Extension for File Attachments

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This feature is to capture the image using WebRTC APIs and upload as attachment using extensibility API's. This is achieved by using the Workspace Extension (WebRTCAttachments).

As of now on B2C/RightNow service for agents using windows mobile/tablets don't have the capability to upload an attachment directly from camera stream. This Extension can help in adding that capability on B2C. This extension supports all web browser and devices.

This is a sample code with no support.


This extension will show a Camera button. Upon clicking the button a modal is opened which shows a camera list dropdown using which user can choose the camera (Front / Rear). User needs to provide the camera permission for the browser. On switching the camera the selected camera stream will be shown in a video tag. User can click on the capture button to take the snapshot of the camera stream. The snapshot taken can be uploaded as an attachment using the upload button.


Step 1

Login to BUI and Navigate to the Extension Manager menu

Step 2

Click on Add New button

Step 3

Fill in the extension name as WebRTCAttachments

Choose Extension type as Workspace

Click the Upload button and Choose the Zip option

Step 4

Download the WebRTCAttachments.zip attached below and upload the file in the extension manager

Step 5

Choose and select the init file (index.html) as show in the below screenshot

Step 6

Choose Profile Access tab

Choose Grant All if you need to allow the extension to be enabled for all profiles

Make sure you check the site in the interface section

Now click the Accept button

Step 7

Choose the newly added extension from the extension manager list and click on Publish

Step 8

Now add the extension to the site.

Open the .net console, select the workspace and add the extension to the workspace from the Insert Control option

Set the appropriate size for the extension

Step 9

Now you should be able to see the extension UI on BUI.