How to unregister ora.crsd ?

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I'm trying to install grid infrastructure from scratch, the installer runs without errors, but when I run the script I always get the following error:

2021/03/08 11:47:51 CLSRSC-594: Executing installation step 18 of 19: 'ConfigNode'.

PRCT-1011 : Failed to run "crsctl". Detailed error: CRS-4003: Resource 'ora.crsd' is registered.

2021/03/08 11:50:04 CLSRSC-180: An error occurred while executing the command '/u01/app/grid/19/bin/srvctl add cvu'

2021/03/08 11:50:04 CLSRSC-287: FirstNode configuration failed

So my question is, how can I unregisted ora.crsd so that the script can finish the final step?


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    based in my experience, the best way to install the clusterware starting from 12.2 is install while you are patching, see this note it will be helpful:

    How to Apply a Grid Infrastructure Patch Before Grid Infrastructure Configuration (before or or gridsetup.bat) is Executed (Doc ID 1410202.1)

    for 19.3 it recommanded to install clusterware with the RU 10 at the same time.

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    i have just finished to install RAC 19c with success after 10 days of research, to make it from the first attempt, patch your binaire with last release update (RU) at the same time you launch your install using this note : 1410202.1

    download your clusterware 19.3 with last RU now is 19.10 using command :

    $GI_HOME/ -applyRU patch_19.10 

    your binaire well be patch to last RU, then the operation of installation will be starting.

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