"&" ampersand Icon and Special characters are not working in ORDS Print server

Siva Badiginchala
Siva Badiginchala Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Recently Print server has been changed for APEX listener to ORDS Print server.

We are using “&” for ampersand(&) and “§” from section sign(§) in xsl-fop.

It used to work fine in APEX Listener however PDF is not getting generated after changing the Print Server.

We are able to replicate same issue in apex.oracle.com.

Workspace: fop_issue

Username: test

Password: Test@123

Created 3 test report queries in Application 132098.

Report Query1: FOP_WITHOUT_ISSUES ( PDF is generated without issues)

Which contains simple select statement (select ‘test user’ a from dual) and Report layout is Generic Report Layout.

Report Query2: FOP_WITH_ISSUES_2 (PDF is generated with issues)

Which contains same select statement (select ‘test user’ a from dual) and Report layout(FOP_WITH_ISSUES_2) is defined with generic Report layout however added “test  user” statement in Report Column Heading.

If “” is taken out and run the report then PDF is generated like below.

If just ampersand(&) is taken out then PDF is generated like below

Report Query3: FOP_WITH_ISSUES (PDF is generated with issues)

This Report also contains same select statement(select ‘test user’ a from dual) and Report laoout (FOP_WITH_ISSUES) is defined with Named Columns(XSL-FO) layout. Which is very simple FOP which contains section sign “§”

Removed ampersand (&) from fop then PDF is generated like below.

Please suggest any solution for the issue.