How do you reinstall a Micros service on the 3700 back office server?

How do you reinstall a Micros service on the 3700 back office server?


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  • The steps below apply to most, but not ALL MICROS services.

    The following services have different steps for reinstalling:

    ·        MICROS Distributed Service Manager (DSM)

    ·        MICROS KDS Controller

    ·        MICROS Remoting Service

    ·        MICROS SSF Launcher

    The steps below do not apply to the Micros Payment Gateway Service. Micros Payment Gateway Service should never be uninstalled as this will require reinstalling the entire MPG application.

    1. In services.msc, stop the service.
    2. Open the service properties in one of the following ways:
    • Double-click on the service.
    • Right-click on the service and select Properties.

    This will show all of the information needed when reinstalling the service, including the service name, display name, path to the executable and the executable.

    1. Open command prompt (cmd.exe).

    If the system is running on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008, command prompt may need to be run as an administrator.

    1. To uninstall the service, in command prompt, type the following, where (service name) is the name of the service being reinstalled:

    sc delete "(service name)"

    !!!! Note that this must be the actual service name, and not necessarily the Display Name in services.msc. Typically with most Micros services, these are the same, however there are a few that are different. To verify the service name, open services.msc, right click on the service and choose properties. In addition, note that the service name must also be placed in quotations.

    As an example, here is what would be entered to uninstall the Micros Print Controller service:

    sc delete "MICROS Print Controller"

    If the uninstall succeeds, the following message will populate:

    [SC] DeleteService SUCCESS

    Verify that the service is gone in services.msc. (If services.msc is already open, refresh the window.)

    1. In command prompt, navigate to the folder where the service executable is stored.
    2. This can be found in the Properties of the service.
    3. If the MICROS drive is not on the C: drive, change to the correct drive by entering the drive letter followed by a colon.

    For example, if the MICROS drive is the D: drive, enter the following:


    1. Change to the correct directory by entering the following:

    cd (path to directory)

    For example, if the executable is in the MICROS\Res\Pos\Bin directory, enter the following:

    cd MICROS\Res\Pos\Bin

    1. Type the following and press enter:

    (service exe name) -service

    1. Type the following and press enter:

    (service exe name) -install

    For example:

    pcontrol -service

    pcontrol -install

    When the service is reinstalled, there will not be any messages indicating the service reinstalled and it will not appear that anything has happened in command prompt.

    1. Check in services.msc and verify that the service is now present again.

    If the service is not reinstalled, repeat steps 4 and 5, but replace the - with a /.

    For example:

    pcontrol /service

    pcontrol /install

    1. Start the service, and verify that it starts.
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