Where are Simphony logs located?

Where are Simphony logs located?


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  • Log Locations:

    Egateway Log: App Server: drive:\micros\simphony2\egateway service\egatewaylog\log_servername.txt

    CAPS Egateway Log: From the CAPS machine of the affected site/property: drive:\micros\simphony\webserver\wwwroot\egatewaylog\log_clientname.txt

    DTS Logs: From all servers running DTS service: drive:\micros\simphony2\DataTransferService\egatewaylog\Log_servername.txt

    Sequencer Service Logs: From the server running Sequencer Service: drive:\micros\simphony2\SequencerService\EgatewayLog\Log_Servername.txt

    DPS Logs: From each server that runs DPS: drive:\micros\simphony2\DirectPostingService\Egatewaylog\Log_servername.txt

    EventViewer Logs: From each app, db, CAPS or client that is involved in the issue: Saved copy/paste of the Windows Event Viewer Application Log, System Log and Security Log (Do not Export)

    Client EGateway Logs: From the client that is involved in the issue: drive:\micros\simphony\webserver\wwwroot\egatewaylog\log_clientname.txt

    SQL Express Databases: From any affected WS when data manipulation may be necessary (ie. replay of checks, ghost checks, etc.) Databases necessary: CheckPostingDb and DataStore

    Reporting & Analytics (MyMicros) Logs: From each Reporting Server, there are 4 MyMicros logs: server.log, boot.log, micros.log and wrapper.log. Can be pulled from: drive:\MICROS\Simphony\MyMicros\MyMicrosV6\server\default\log

    EMC Logs: From the affected Machine (may be server or client) that was running the EMC that had the problem: drive:\program files\micros\EMC\log\EMC.log

    AutoSequence Execution History: Can be pulled by property in EMC: from Enterprise level>Tasks>PC Autosequences>Select Aseq>Execution Tab>Get History>Select Run Date>Show Details>Copy all entries for this sequence. Data contained here can also be pulled directly from MCRSPOS in the PCASEQ_LOG table

    Reporting & Analytics (MyMicros) Reports: For Reporting cases, a copy of the report that shows the problem should be included, along with a copy that contains the correct information. The reports should show what items or amounts specifically exhibit the problem.

    Check Detail: For cases concerning individual checks, include a copy of the check detail from Audit & Analysis in MyMicros.

    Check Journal: For cases concerning individual checks, include a copy of the check journal from Audit & Analysis in MyMicros. It is also useful to grab all of the journal entries for the check from the MCRSPOS.pos_journal_log table in the event that they did not post to MyMicros.

    Install Logs: Located at: drive:\Micros\Install\SimphonyInstall.log

    SQL Logs: From each DB server, usually located at: drive:\mssql\mssql.1\mssql\log\errorlog - Grab all logs for the affected time period

    KDS Logs: From the FS2 machine running the KDS Controller: drive:\Micros\KDS\Etc\KDSController.log

    TiffComms Logs: On the machine running the Interface (FS2): micros\simphony\egateway\egatewaylog\TiffComm

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