How to Perform a Full System Reboot (FSR) of the Server ?

How to Perform a Full System Reboot (FSR) of the Server ?


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  • Q: How to reboot 3700 server?

    A: For optimal performance, the RES server should be rebooted once a week.

    NOTE: Always ensure that you have the Windows credentials (if needed) prior to proceeding.

    The system will be down during this procedure, which can take 5-15 minutes to complete.

    If Windows updates need to be completed during the reboot, the process could take longer.

    1. Launch the MICROS Control Panel on the server.

    2. Select Restaurant and then select OFF.

    3. Select OK when prompted to Changing state of Restaurant to Off.

    4. The icon next to Restaurant will change from a green check - to a yellow circle - to a red ‘X’. This process can take some time depending on the size of the database. Wait until the process is finished.

    5. Once Restaurant has a red 'X', select File, then Exit. 

    6. Confirm all applications on the server are closed. 

    7. Select the Windows Start button. 

    8. Select Restart. 

    9. Once the server loads back up, open the MICROS Control Panel. 

    10. Restaurant should have a yellow circle. If it has a red 'X', click on Restaurant and select Front of House.

    11. Confirm Restaurant loads to a green check mark. 

    12. Confirm workstations have loaded properly.

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