What to do if a Check is owned by an offline workstation?

What to do if a Check is owned by an offline workstation?


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  • Q: Check is owned by an offline workstation

    A: This is usually happening because of a local issue on a specific workstation. If the check has a red dot it means that the workstation that was last picked up from has gone offline.

    To address the issue follow these steps:

    1.     Go to the terminal that was mentioned in the error message, launch PMC – the important thing here is Check and Posting status and Database sync that should always be online.

    2.     If Database Sync shows as being Offline – this indicates a local issue:

    a)     Reboot the terminal.

    b)     Reset the cables.

    c)     If the workstation is still showing offline status move the workstation (no cables) and place it instead of a workstation that is online. If the status is now changing to online , this indicated that the cables or the socket are faulty.

    d)    If still offline in a different location, check for network issues.

    e)     Check Windows setting – Firewall to be off.

    f)      Make sure the WS IP is the same as in EMC and is active on the network. Ping it from a different workstation that is online and vice versa. 

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