How should I process a Credit Card Refund in RES 3700?

How should I process a Credit Card Refund in RES 3700?

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    A: There are two scenarios:

    1.     If the credit card was authorized on today's business date, you can alter the original check. To do this:

     a)     do not finalize the credit card authorization. 

    b)     there are two parts to a credit card transaction. an authorization and finalization

    c)     the authorization cannot be deleted. this is a pre authorization that has already been sent to the customer's bank

    d)     the finalization can be deleted. to do this, you will want to highlight the finalization and press the void button. you will then have to close the check to a different tender or void all menu items off the check and close to $0 cash. 

    e)     if the check was already closed, then you will need to reopen it to do this


    2.     If the credit card was authorized on a previous business date, you will not be able to alter the original check. The authorization has already been submitted into a batch and sent to the bank. By design, you will NOT be able to do anything with the original check.

    To do this:

     a)     start a new check

    b)    press the VOID key

    c)     ensure that you can see VOID in RED

    d)    start a non revenue service charge. this will likely be in your service charges sub-menu.

    e)    the total due must be negative. there should be a '-' sign next to total due 

    f)      process the credit card like you would for any other payment. the negative transaction will be submitted into the next batch and the customer will be refunded the amount that they are requesting.

    Note: If you don't have a non revenue service charge in place, then you can enter an open food item, or ring the menu items in individually, making sure you hit "void" each time. If you do not have the number, you will need to get it from either the customer or your credit card processor.


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