Simphony Standard FO Interface - how to activate and their location?

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Corresponds to an unresolved  SR-230429-004174 (SR 3-31842698601 2023/01/13).

"Simphony Standard interface - cannot locate Interface log to see postings like in M3700"

In the process of setting a Standard PMS Interface on Simphony the Interfaces - Options - "2" "Enable Interface Log" is selected.Looking for an Interface log (like in M3700) with all data exchange across the Interface.Though Logging is enabled for this Interface - cannot find this Interface Log with the Room Inquiry and attempted Payments records even searching the file contents for the results of the Room Inquiry like "Room Vacant"...Suggested in the Manual "TIFPmsComms.log" and "Log_WS_Name.txt" logs are no help.

Since creation of the SR had a few support cases that were difficult/impossible to resolve without having primary Interface log data available on the Simphony side. There seems to be no way to establish what and when was send by Simphony across the the Standard FO Interface.

Any help is highly appreciated.

P.S. There appears an interesting sign in red :


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Sure, my 20+ years with Micros products passed in a blink of an eye...


  • Hi,

    Have you found a solution?

    What interface version are you using?

    Best regards,

    Narcis T.

  • Hello Narcis,

    However, there seems to be no separate Interface Log for the Enhanced Interface. - You have to dig one common log with the other events included. Which could be a both a benefit and a disadvantage compared with Micros 3700 where you have separate "3700d.log" and a respective Interface log.
    The attached .bat script extracts from the Simphony logs records containing key words like "error", "fail", "NAK" and etc… Key words are listed in the "Refine.ini" file.


    On the Workstation to be checked :

    1. create a new directory and paste in "Refine_All_S.bat" and "Refine.ini";
    2. Run "Refine_All_S.bat";
    3. If required update "Refine.ini";
    4. Script does not remove results from the previous run;

    Best Regards,