How do we see direct-to-patient shipping supported?

The global pandemic fast-tracked discussion on virtual trials, decentralized trials and home health visits. Relating to RTSM is direct-to-patient shipping of drug to sites. Instead of volunteers traveling to sites to receive dispensed drug, with direct-to-patient the drug is shipped directly to the volunteer's home (or local pharmacy?)

How should RTSM technology support this requirement?

How do we see direct-to-patient shipping supported? 3 votes

Have site users dispense drug and then they overnight drug to volunteer. Sites keep volunteer address separate from clinical file.
David Shuford-Oracle 1 vote
Enhance RTSM to create shipment request to send drug direct to patient when site user completes a drug dispensing transaction. Volunteer address is kept in RTSM.
User_KLZX8Mugundan 2 votes