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We're releasing - Solaris 10 January 2022 patch release

The Oracle Solaris 10 quarterly release for January 2022 is complete - individual patches, Recommended and CPU patchsets are available on MOS.

What's New:

  • Upgrade Apache Web Server to version 2.4.51, includes fix for CVE-2021-42013 (Bugs 33447702, 33447720, 33430933, 33430955 and 33362570)
  • Fix for CVE-2021-43395 - Problem with filesystem/tmpfs (Bugs 33552474, 33621181)
  • Upgrade ISC BIND to version 9.11.36, includes fix for CVE-2021-25219 (Bugs 33511072, 33511057)
  • Fix for native commands in Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 branded zones failing in setuid scripts (Bugs 33355191, 15656021, 15654792)
  • Fix for ufsdump core dumps with SIGSEGV (Bug 32926962)
  • Fix for NFS mount caused NG Zone hung (Bugs 31535812, 30772577)

For links to the latest CPU patchsets and more, please see:

How to find the Oracle Solaris Critical Patch Update (CPU) Patchsets, Recommended OS Patchsets for Oracle Solaris and Oracle Solaris Update Patch Bundles (

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