Oracle Solaris Performance, Panics, Hangs, and Dtrace (MOSC)

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We're releasing - Solaris 10 quarterly patch release, January 2023

The Oracle Solaris 10 quarterly release for January 2023 is complete - individual patches, Recommended and CPU patchsets are available on My Oracle Support.

What's New:

  • Update timezone data to 2022g (BUG 34869550)
  • Problem with library/nsswitch (BUG 33948737)
  • Problem with library/nsswitch (BUG 34791865)
  • JavaSE 8 update 361

For links to the latest CPU patchsets and more, please see:

How to find the Oracle Solaris Critical Patch Update (CPU) Patchsets, Recommended OS Patchsets for Oracle Solaris and Oracle Solaris Update Patch Bundles (Doc ID 1272947.1)

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