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Canadian Federal Exemption value in HCM 9.2 Tax Update 21-E and 22_A

edited Mar 31, 2022 1:20PM in Payroll for NA / Time and Labor - PSFT (MOSC) 3 commentsAnswered

Why did the Canadian Federal Exemption apply the 12719 value to the Canadian Tax Table when the PDOC (Canadian online tax calculator) has the real basic of 14398 as the default value in its tool.

The TD1 value of 12719 could cause under taxation and the employee will end up owing taxes unexpectedly.

Also the TD1 value is shown to the employee on their paystub (online and in print) this will raise many calls to payroll offices unnecessarily.

Many clients have manually set this value on the Canadian Tax table to 14,398 .

Will there be a patch or announcement for this change?


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