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autoupgrade non-CDB ( to PDB (19.10) with TDE

edited Apr 23, 2022 9:48PM in Database Install/Upgrade/Opatch (MOSC) 8 commentsAnswered ✓

Autoupgrade version 22.2.220324

Trying to migrate an database into an empty CDB for a single-tenant setup.

The first time analyze was run, got the following feedback in the preupgrade.log:

"TDE passwords must be be loaded [for] both the source non-CDB and target CDB." Also both must be auto-login.

After configuring the keystore (including master key) for the 19c CDB using WALLET_ROOT and loading passwords into the autoupgrade keystore, got a KEYSTORE_CONFLICT error. Keystore files already exist in the target directory.

Where have I gone wrong with the CDB keystore setup?

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