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25 Answers

25 Answers

Looks like you’re starting to make a name for yourself as someone who knows the score!

37 people have earned this badge.

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Brian StisserBrian Stisser
Angelica Mae Segador-OracleAngelica Mae Segador-Oracle
Tigran ShahnazaryanTigran Shahnazaryan
Nicole Mendoza-OracleNicole Mendoza-Oracle
Richard James Uri-OracleRichard James Uri-Oracle
John GriffinJohn Griffin
Clarisa De Torres-OracleClarisa De Torres-Oracle
Niks Blando-OracleNiks Blando-Oracle
Tiru ChembetiTiru Chembeti
Elychelle Gulen-OracleElychelle Gulen-Oracle
Kristoffer Viray-OracleKristoffer Viray-Oracle