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enhance autocreate supplier site assignments functionality for a default bill to BU

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Option Care Health


The supplier site assignments has a feature to auto-create supplier site assignments.  This feature populates the business units active that are 'Client' business units and 'Bill to' business units.  We would like functionality to control how the 'Bill to' business unit in the auto-create assignments is populated. Currently no functionality exists.  This is a problem for us as we have a shared service payables model.  Only one Bill to Business unit needs to exist.

Use Case and Business Need

The Option Care Health has over 40 business unit assignments and it is very timely to update the supplier site assignments manually.  Even if we have used the auto-create feature we still need to manually update the 'Bill to' BU to the single shared service payables BU.  We have create a interface to automatically update this feature.  The FBDI import process has known issues from Doc ID 2585751.1.

More details

We would like to control the 'Bill to' BU in the auto-create assignments.  A template could be setup on how the assignments can be done.

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