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Covid Analysis & Assignment Headcount - FAW View



In light of COVID-19 pandemic, visual representation of COVID related data obtained from sources like Worldometer (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries) helps people understand dynamics and virus spread combing the same with employee assignment headcount across the globe provides employer view of any red zone area where their employees are situated.

COVID Analysis- World Wide has following aspects covered :

1. Total Cases break out across the globe: This also covers break up of data in Total Cases, New Cases, Total Deaths, Total Recovered, Active Cases

2. Employee assignment by new & active cases country wise

3. Employee assignment by total & active cases country wise

4. Employee assignment Vs Total COVID cases - Outlier analysis

This analytics is built basis daily data obtained from the source mentioned above. Excel file format/sample data is attached. Post uploading project in your FAW instance follow below steps :

Please follow below steps to get started using these pre-built analyses for your organization. 

1. Download.Dav file from this post

2. Unzip all files on your local machine. Only .dva files can be uploaded on OAX.

3. Log into your FAW instance.

4.  Click on Import Project/Flow

5. Click on Select File button. This will open a browse window on your machine. Select the required files with .DVA extension.

6. Click on the Import button.

7. Once the import is successful, it will display the message "Import Successful". Click Ok. 

8. Open Project. Right-click on the COVID data set. Select Reload data. Select the file updated with recent COVID data from your machine. ( Format used in analysis attached with this post is uploaded with project files )

You are all set to start using COVID data and mash-up Cloud HCM data with it.


FAW 3.1

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