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[Obsolete] : FAW HCM - FA HCM - Data Validation Dashboard

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Data validation dashboard to verify data sync between FA & FAW post pipeline run


 FAW data is valid as on the last pipeline run date only. Any changes on FA post pipeline run date will not be synced with FAW, causing some mismatch between FA & FAW.


Note : This is a framework Oracle has provided. Customers can modify dashboards if required. We would keep enhancing this with every new module added to FAW. Please do drop a note in comments , if there are any specific use cases/validations that can be added to support data validation between FA & FAW post pipeline runs.

Please follow below steps to import dashboards in FA & FAW respectivly.


  1. Download attached zip file on your local machine
  2. There are 2 catalog files in it. 
    • FA Data Validation.catalog needs to be imported on your FA instance 
    • FAW Data Validation.catalog needs to be imported on FAW environment ( using Classic UI)




Import Instructions FA-FAWPNG


  • This is great Nupur. Thank you for sharing here.

    Dear Customers please feel free to use these scripts to validate the data between OTBI and FAW. If there are other Metrics you would like to validate please leave a comment or even share your scripts. We will publish updated validation scripts for the ease of the community. 

  • Hi Nupur & TEam

    I couldn't run the Dashboard in Fusion side. I've tried to unarchive the catalog file both /Shared Folders/Custom and /My Folders but in both folder the links are broken. I can run the analysis themselves but it seems the links are not correct inside the Dashboard. When I run the Dashboard, it appears in blank as the dashboard was not able to find the analysis.

    Can you please help us with this issue?

    Thank you,
    Alvaro Couto

  • Hi Alvaro ,


    After you import the dashboard in Fusion environment , you need to re-align all individual scripts. As by default it is not able to find the path mentioned at the time of archiving it.

    If you observe at certain places you will find an exclamation mark when you edit the dashboard immediately after importing into FA environment. This is due to unavailability of exact path mentioned in archived dashboard.

    Once you drag and drop all scripts ( under all tabs) , you would be able to run complete dashboard as well as individual scripts too.



  • Hi Nupur,

    Yes, that worked!

    Thank you,

    Alvaro Couto

  • Is automated data validation utility not available for HCM like it is for ERP ?

  • Hi Vishal ,

    It is a planned feature for future releases.



  • Is this still being maintained and validated for current HCM releases of FAW?

  • Hi Mark ,

    We do not maintain this any longer. We have a productized feature on data validation for HCM now FAW product itself which offers base measures across chosen dimensions. You may start using that now onwards.

    Please do let us know any specific measure across any subject area in HCM you need as part of OOTB data validation measure. We will prioritize accordingly for upcoming FAW releases.



  • Mark_Daynes
    Mark_Daynes ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks Nupur - appreciate that and I will feedback after we have done our validation on our instance - I can see the various validations of HCM metrics in FAW. It might be an idea to change the title of this to include "(Now obsoleted)" in case anyone else follows it?