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Fusion Analytics Warehouse (HCM) - Enabling Talent Acquisition



Enabling Talent Acquisition in FAW 20.R2.P1 release


With Fusion Analytics Warehouse Release 20.R2.P1, a new functional module – Talent Acquisition has been made available.

Prerequisites for activating Talent Acquisition.

  • HCM Workforce Core is already activated.
  • A user who is assigned the Functional Administrator or Service Administrator system role. This role allows one to configure and run the data pipeline activation plans.

Steps to activate

  • In Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse, open the Application Navigation menu, click Console, and then click Data Pipeline.
  • On the Data Pipeline page, under Applications, click Human Capital Management.


  • Create the data pipeline activation plan and select Talent Acquisition




  • Click Next
  • Review your selection and click Activate

·      Select Scheduled Execution Data to specify the date and time on which to run the data pipeline for the functional area. Select Run Immediately to create and run the data pipeline for the functional area immediately. Click Finish.




  • Once the Data Pipeline is complete FAW should have new content for Talent Acquisition.


Duty/Data Roles necessary to access Talent Acquisition Subject Area:


Duty Role

  • Recruitment  Analysis Duty

Data Role

  • Recruitment Requisition Data Security
  • Recruitment Requisition View All Data Security