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Left Outer Join in FAW-OAC

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I cannot see option to do a left outer join in OAC projects.


Dear All,


I am trying to create a project from 2 data sources. One of them is the pre-build FAW subject area and 2nd is the excel file.

My requirement is to create left outer join in such a way that all data from Subject Area should appear but only matching rows from the excel file should extend.




Blend Data.PNG


  • Naeem, you could do this using data sets. 

    • Create a data set with required columns from the FAW subject area and create a project of it.
    • Add the second data set which could be from a different subject area or a spreadsheet
    • Add the join between the two columns in the Data tab
    • In the Visualize tab, modify the data blending options

    Refer the two screenshots in the attached zip file, the first one displays records from both data sets
    The second one displays the matching records from data set 2 with data set 1 I.e. Left outer Join
    Data Set 1 here is coming from HCM FAW subject area
    Data Set 2 is a spreadsheet

    - Raghu