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Workforce Salary Basis & Compa Ratio Overview

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Two DVs used in this analysis are giving a deep dive on existing salary basis & compa ratio spread across the organization.

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These DVs have following information :

  1. Workforce spread by compa ratio band
  2. Average compa-ratio in the organization
  3. Leavers compa=ratio
  4. Salary adjustment percentages
  5. Off-Cycle salary adjustments - This is calculated based on transactions done directly on Person Management Change Salary UI in Cloud HCM using action codes other than Allocate Compensation ( used in compensation plans )
  6. Worker count & Salary Growth trend
  7. Managers with more stagnation cases - Workers without any salary changes in last X years
  8. Salary distribution across genders - spot pay inequality
  9. Most common reasons for salary changes
  10. Compa-ratio overview by gender and differences
  11. High performer workers with low compa-ratio
  12. Group worker with salary by salary ranges , tenure band & compa-ratio band to spot if there imbalance by less experienced workers in a specific grade range getting paid more than higher experienced workers.

Please download the attached zip file unzip it to extract required DV files.

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In future , FAW releases , this DV will be available out of the box with the product.

Do reach out to us for any for any feedback on this analysis and enhancements/business questions that organizations would want to answer using FAW HCM.

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