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Connecting Person Real Time subject area to Workforce Events Real Time

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We are unable to join the Person Real Time subject area with the Workforce Events Real Time subject areas. The goal is to be able to report workforce events by more sensitive metrics like workers with disabilities. For example: How many promotions by workers with disabilities?

Use Case and Business Need

Being able to connect these two subject areas together will be useful in measuring equal opportunity metrics like hires, Terminations, promotions etc by Religion, Disability etc

More details

We're not able to do these kinds of Equal Opportunity analysis on a consistent basis without having the connection working between the two subject areas.

The two subject area meet all the apparent required criteria for joining subject areas together. They both have a common dimension (worker) and we can include a measure from each subject area. We need a clear indication when two subject areas aren't going to work together and, better yet, enhance them to work together like the others.

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