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Fiscal Period not reading 'Symbols' in Presentation Variable

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Hi All,

I have an OOTB Session Variable for default current fiscal Period (may be irrelevant but could be a clue)

I also have a Presentation variable for Fiscal Period.

In my dashboard I have views using two subject areas (thus the need for a PV)

Where the Fiscal period is 'Prompted' Reports run absolutely fine.

Where the filter for PV for fiscal period is = @{P_F_PERIOD) I get a display error stating: Nonexistent column: "APR". (where I would expect "APR-18")

It would appear that the presentation variable is only reading up to the symbol "-"

This only happens on the initial load of the dashboard. If I click "apply" on the prompt (without changing anything) all of the reports load fine.

Does anyone have any experience of this or have any pointers please?




  • Hi Lee,

    Have you tried checking what the exact value is for that variable before the button is clicked?

    Like just by making it visible in a one-column analysis that only displays that obe variable?

  • Good idea,

    I've just tried this and the column populates with a number: "1201804300000"

    I've fixed this before in a test system as the Session Variable didn't work by using a SQL formula in the default prompt selection for:
    select DESCRIPTOR_IDOF("Time"."Fiscal Period") from "Time" where "Time"."Fiscal Period"  = VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.CURRENT_FSCL_PERIOD)

    However for some reason this doesn't work in the Production Environment? (I just get "All Column Values" as default)

    Thanks for your help, but I'm still a bit stumped.



  • I have now fixed this. One thing I did notice is that the Prompt settings weren't Bold like other hardcoded filters when looking at reports' filter criteria.
    The formual I have used for fiscal period is (To default to last period):

    "Time"."Fiscal Period" FROM "Financials - GL Balance
    Sheet" WHERE "Time"."Fiscal Period" =