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Adding required candidate ID prompt with text box entry


Trying to add a prompt for candidate ID. I want users to be able to copy/paste or type into a text box so that they don't need to scroll through huge lists. I was able to accomplish this by casting the Candidate ID field as a CHAR, but now I'm having challenges making the prompt required. When I try to do so, the "OK" button is grayed. I can finally get the "OK" button to activate, but only if I click away from the field first.

How do I add a required prompt for Candidate ID that allows users to type value(s) into a box and then click "OK" right away?




  • Hi


    in the prompt definition you can choose the text field. and select the Require User Input




  • Manoj,

    Please read the entire post. I did both of those things, but the "OK" button is not immediately active. I have to click away from the field to activate the "OK" button.

    Is there a workaround for this?



  • hi Shannon,

    I don't think there is a work around for this, since you have made the field required the system needs an input from the user to ensure that something has been entered in the field. only when the focus is shifted from the field will the system realize that a input has been given, I think its just the way its coded.

  • OK, thanks. Related question: any way to allow the user to enter mulitple values into the text box? I tried doing so with the values separated by a semi colon (also tried a comma) and it did not work. I tried adding another prompt based on the same column and it also did not work (returned all results for the analysis, not just results for the prompted value). I tried bringing in the same column again to the analysis, re-naming it, and adding a prompt for that column and it also did not work (it would return results for one of the IDs but not both).

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


  • Manoj,

    You can ignore my last comment. I was able to accomplish what I wanted to do using a choice list and some other parameters.


  • ok. but this is what I found from the OBIEE help

    Text Field

    The Text Field input option provides the users with a field into which they can type a specific prompt value. You cannot use this option for multiple prompt values. Only the field and the field label display for this option. This option is useful in instances where the user knows the prompt value and does not have to search for it, or for prompts with numeric values. Note that the prompt value that you enter must match the column's value. For example, if a column's data values include EASTERN REGION (in all capital letters), then the user must type EASTERN REGION into the text field. Numeric values cannot contain commas. If your repository is configured for double columns, and you are creating a prompt on a display column and specify Text Field, then filtering occurs on display values, not on code values.

    So you cannot use multiple values in text field

  • Hi there,

    I have created an otbi analysis using direct database query and I want to create a dashboard prompt after adding it to the dashboard. But a dashboard prompt requires a subject area to be selected. Since the analysis is created from query, a particular subject area cannot be selected. That's why I am unable to create the dashboard prompt. Please help.