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archive unarchive and oracle bi admin role

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archive unarchive and oracle bi admin role


Hi, in Oracle BI is it possible to get archive/unarchive functionality and not be an oracle bi admin? Our tech dept has said they can't give us archive/unarchive unless they give us oracle bi admin roles and IT policy allows only 1 Oracle BI admin, so we can't have. So wondering if there's a way of providing this functionality without being an oracle bi admin? Can't it be done by assigning a privilege to a custom role?  



  • I think it can be done by creating new role. I will check with the security team and get back.

  • You'll want to have your bi admin check what role is defined on the Administration > Manage Privileges page for the Archive Catalog and Unarchive Catalog actions.  If there is a predefined role already associated, other than admin, then you can add that role to your user.


  • Try this:

    • Go to <instance_url>/analytics
    • Click on Administration link in the top ribbon
    • Click on Manage Privileges
    • You will be presented with a big table. In the first column, look for "Catalog". For this record, In the second column look for "Archive Catalog". For this record, In the third column, click on any role(s) name(s) hyperlink. 
    • In pop-up window, clik on + icon. In next pop-up window, search for user or role you would like to give permission to archive catalog artifacts. Be careful at this step and pay special attention to "List" LOV as it determines what will be actually searched for based on criteria entered in "Name" text box. If you are looking searching for a specific user, ensure that you have selected "Users" in LOV titled "List".
    • Move the searched user to Selected User list.Click on OK to close the window. Click on OK again to close first pop-up window.
    • If you are able to archive folders now, then repeat this step for "Unarchive Catalog" .
  • Thanks Shakher, that worked! Cheers, Alex