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BI Publisher CSV files or Reading from Content Server source



Reading files on the Content Server in BI Publisher



I'm trying to create a report in BI Publisher that will read an external file as a data source.

I've tried adding a CSV file to my data model which allows me to upload a local file as a datasource. This seems to work, but the file doens't seem to exist in the catalog. How would we update the csv file?

We have started looking into storing something on the Content Server. (It is already have it setup as a datasource in BI Publisher but I haven't found any documentation on how to use it) I've seen this post and this one but neither have a suitable answer for reading content from the server.

Is there training anywhere on how to make this work?




  • Hi Robert,

    Please review the below document

    How To Use UCM Server As A Delivery Channel for BI Publisher Report In Fusion Applications ? (Doc ID 2319967.1)




  • Rob F
    Rob F ✭✭✭

    Hello Ravi,

    Thanks for the answer. It looks like this link talks about delivering report results to a content server, which could be useful, I'm looking for a way to read from the content server as a source for data.

    I haven't seen anything that suggests it's possible outside of being able to have the content server added as a data source but once it's there I'm not sure how to use it.

    Any insight you have would be amazing.

    Kind Regards


  • Hello Rob,

    After creating the UCM server as a delivery channel from the above document the next step is to create a data model

    In the data model you need to have atleast one SQL data set after that you can call content server as a data source by providing the

    below details

    data source:it is the content server where you have created from the above document
    parent group
    document id
    content type




  • Hi Ravi,

    I was trying to create Data model using Content Server and as you mentioned to create a SQL Data set before create a Content Server as a data source.

    What should be the query of the SQL Data set, I tried with some random SQL Query but it is not showing List of values when trying to create Content Server data source.