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Give us your feedback - OTBI Customer Survey


To better understand Fusion customers' current use of and satisfaction with the current reporting capabilities available with OTBI, we would like your help in completing the following 16-question survey. 

Please share your feedback, thoughts and ideas.

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We appreciate your time!


  • 1) There are a number of Subject Areas, where when you try to query data, it says "No Results The specified criteria didn't result in any data". We know that the data is there but the OTBI report is not showing any data.

    An example of the subject area that produces not results is: Compensation - individual Compensation Real Time

    2) There are fields that show the wrong data. For example, the field

    Position FTE

    under Payroll - Payroll Run Costing Real Time, Payroll - Payroll Balances Real Time, Payroll - Payroll Element Entries Real Time , Payroll - Run Results Real Time, Payroll - Payments Costing Real Time, Benefits - Enrollments Real Time, Compensation - Salary Details Real Time subject areas shows wrong results. We expect the Position FTE in the subject areas to show between 0 and 1. It is showing numbers above 1 through 20.

    3) Also, there are a number of fields that show null data when the data should be there.

    For example, the 'Salary Basis Name', 'Salary Frequency', 'Rate Amount', 'Rate Annual Amount' fields under the Compensation - Salary Details Real Time subject area shows null data. It would be helpful to know why the field shows null values. We know that the data exists.

    4) It would be helpful to have documentation/description for every field that is available under each subject area.

  • Hello User_UX7MF,

    Can you please post your questions as a new post for each different issue instead replying to the Oracle Announcement so that we can help further.


    Praveen (Oracle - Fusion BI Support)