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Renaming custom folder in BI Publisher


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Birlasoft Limited


BI Publisher currently allows to rename the custom folders created in BI directory but post renaming all report under the custom folder falls into error as data model and report link is broken.

Only workaround is to edit each individual report and run it which wouldn't be ideal solution as per current release.

Ideal solution should be where post renaming custom folder, reports shouldn't break and run as is.

Use Case and Business Need

Post renaming custom folders in BI Publisher, reports should run without any change

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  • I really like this idea.  As our use of BI has expanded we have found the need to reorganize folders to meet the changing needs.  This becomes an extremely difficult process as the schedulers and dashboards (that we create) get confused.  We continue to increase our usage of reports and use of dashboards.  The infolets frequently do not provide information in the form we want and only BI administrators can do infolets.  BI administrator is restricted to just a couple of people in our organization so people with the BI Author role rely on the tools that we can access.