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Need access to table(s) or report to identify all Audit Policies that are available to be deployed


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Clayton Homes (Berkshire subsidiary)

Description (Required):

There is no seeded report that identifies all the Audit Policies can can be deployed. Our only way to identify what is available is to troll through all the Configure Business Object Attributes form product by product to see what can be enabled. We are asking the OTBI team to bring forth the table(s) that contain the configurations so we can have a full picture of what can be enabled. The only data we can see related to this is what is ALREADY enabled (FND_AUDIT_ATTRIBUTES). This table does not show what is not yet enabled.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

We are required in our external audit / SOX compliance to justify what has been / has not been enabled in order to prove that we have everything enabled that is needed for our change management population. Having this data would also allow us to identify what new Audit Policies are new with each quarterly patch.

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