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Deep Links (23B) the complete overview (all of them)


We all know that you can create Deep Links from your OTBI / BI Publisher (incl notifications), otherwise check here

Creating Analyses and Dashboards in Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence

There's a kind of (a not very informative) overview in the 'Deep links' page in Fusion Apps (under Tools)

I composed attached Excel sheet with an overview of all the available deep links:

Fill in your POD name in cell B2, and all the basic URLs of these deep links will be clickable in Column E

Next step will be to figure out the possible parameters. This info is spread all over of the place (is my experience)

The coming time i will add the parameters (or ObjKeys) to the sheet, so make sure you check for an updated version here:

👉 If you like to contribute to this sheet, please feel free to contact me

Thanks and enjoy