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Regarding 2911553.1 SSL transport detected mismatched server certificate

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Hi Team,

For past few days we couldnt connect SQL Dev with ADW instance using wallet file because of the retired the Organizational Unit (OU) field in the tnsnames ora file. It threw the error 'SSL transport detected mismatched server certificate'.

When searched in the forum according to the support no:2911553.1 , we downloaded the new wallet file which had the connection string security=(ssl_server_dn_match=no) and we were able to connect to SQL Dev with ADW.

Now the issue is with connecting the RPD to ADW instance. The new connection string was updated in the connection pool still we face the same error as above.

According to the image attached it was given to authenticate both TLS and mTLS in Option 2. In current setting we have enabled only mTLS.

Wanted to know whether changing the Security to allow both TLS and mTLS will impact only that compartment where the ADW is located or even other compartments?

And also wanted to know whether enabling to allow both will impact the ODI or any other tools?

Kindly advice as its critical right now.



  • What is the product name and version?

    And you should delete the screenshot of the MOS document: it's illegal to post MOS content in a public forum. If you need to reference a MOS document in a public space, post a URL and/or the Doc ID and users with a valid support contract will be able to open it.

  • Hi Gianni,

    Its Model Admin tool, Version 12.3

    And sorry I am not aware of that image , Kindly let me know how to delete it as I couldnt find any option to edit my post

  • Ok, so OBIEE

    For the image, apparently somebody configured this forum to allow edits only for 1h after posting (doesn't make much sense, but it's just one of the many issues of this forum). Sounds like you can't do much anymore for it...

  • Yes now in the Admin tool Im not able to connect to ADW through connection pool. Can you kindly help with that. It throws the following error

  • I don't have such an old tool around to test. OBIEE is very old, not even sure if it is certified for autonomous.

    I do remember that when I did update my wallets, because of the change in the certificates, there was a list of requirements for the clients to be able to use the new one with mTLS.

    I don't know if OBIEE does meet these requirements, it could be possible that it is just too old and doesn't support that (and if it wasn't certified for autonomous in the first place it isn't something that Oracle had to care about).

    You could try a TLS connection, but it could also have some requirements that are maybe not covered by OBIEE

    If it's a critical issue, you shouldn't rely on the forum for help but open a SR with Oracle (where you can share information in a confidential way and they can give you direct support).

  • Sorry I guess you would have misunderstood it. My Model Administrator Tool is 12.2. And We are having OAC the latest one. Where we use cloud RPD to connect to ADW

  • 12.2, 12.3 : these aren't versions, and this is where the confusion is from.

    So you are using the latest (or worse case second to last) OAC version. This change everything...