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Medical Examination Data OTBI report display problem

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With a specific role created role of Medical examination I have a problem displaying the report while connecting as a nurse in my organization.

At first there was an error message => Error getting drill information.

I added the privileges linked to the error but instead of resolving it another error message displays "The specified criteria didn't result in any data. This is often caused by applying filters and/or selection steps that are too restrictive or that contain incorrect values. Please check your analysis filters and selection steps, and try again. The filters or selection steps currently being applied are shown below". Inspite of several checks we didn't find the issue.

With other roles from the organization there no problem with this report.

Did you ever encountered this kind of issues? And how did you deal with it?

Thank you for the answers,


Rachel. M



  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2023

    Hi Rachel, The message you received is NOT an error message. The query you submitted to the subject area in your metadata repository database was successful. The result was zero rows. This is the expected result if you have not been setup to view data with data security.

    You can view the session log from your query in manage sessions if you want to understand what where clauses were added to your query at run time to restrict the data to make it so your user can see only what they are authorised to see given your current roles with data security setup. Assume you are not set up to view any data.

    Which subject area is your analysis? You can then go to the user guide to see what role you have let you submit a query to this subject area. Then we can look in that job role to see what data security privileges are in play. Most roles have a data security policy used by the subject area that look at what you have setup on page Manage Data Access for Users. But some subject areas do data security in other ways. Let us know your query please - the logical SQL is on the advanced tab in your analysis.