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Seeded Role with all permissions to run validations


We are just deploying Fusion Analytics and are being asked by our consulting support to create a custom role with privileges to run the OTBI Workbooks that back the validations in FAW.

This is something I would expect is delivered out of the box. We have spent some time trying to track down what roles we should inherit into this custom role.

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  • I believe you can utilize the seeded job roles in Oracle Cloud Applications (a.k.a. Fusion Cloud Applications) to allow one to get results back in the Data Validation wizard of Fusion Analytics. Assign all necessary and needed job roles to the user in Fusion Cloud Applications and make sure that same user is either a FAW Functional Administrator or FAW Service Administrator in Fusion Analytics.

    I think what would help is if there is some kind of documentation that maps which seeded job role from Oracle Cloud Applications is needed for a particular Fusion Analytics subject area used in the Data Validation wizard... I agree though, as of now, it can be a little tough to track down which seeded job roles are needed for 'Source Value' in the Data Validation wizard.