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RPD Developement (two tables from different schemas)

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Good day,

Please kindly assist is it possible to create a single subject area from two tables that sit in two different schemas in the database.

I created two separate connection pools to pull the tables. Schema names ADMPROD1 and PXRPT1

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  • Yes you can.

    What you generally do is to define them as 2 different physical databases (so not 2 connection pools in the same physical database), define the joins as you need (you can join objects of different databases) and then you unify them into a single logical model.

    Or in your case, just grant access to the same database account to the 2 schemas.

    The tool doesn't handle multiple connection pool in that way (2 different users to connect to 2 schemas), it handle the multiple connection pool for variable and other things like that.