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What occurred when FUSION_APPS_HCM_ESS_APPID was the last update user, a month after termination?

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We are using the Subject Area User System Usage to show our Auditors when a User last accessed the system. We were hoping to
use this subject area to also show when the account was locked.

There is a field called Last Update Date and the content is showing that a mass update occurred by FUSION_APPS_HCM_ESS_APPID one month after the Users termination date.

We have deprovisioning in place on Termination.

Does anyone know:

  1. what process would've occurred a month after the termination, impacting the Results?
  2. how we can show the date and time the User Profile account was Locked



  • Hi Rebecca, To better serve you, please post this question in the Reporting and Analytics for Sales forum since its specific to Sales subject areas/use cases. Thank you.

  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Rebecca,

    Maybe you can post a screen shot of the configuration you have done to update a "user on termination" in work area Setup and Maintenance. Which offering? Which functional area? Which task?

    Is it role deprovisioning?

    @John Hung-Oracle Hi John, I think this is perhaps the correct forum. Subject area User System Usage is NOT Sales in CX. This subject area query the applications common foundation tables about which user signed in to the system or not across all applications across CX(CRM) and HCM and FSCM(ERP). It is not specific to any one of the applications.

    And regards how the process works to update a user automatically when their worker work relationship employment information person assignment is terminated. Assume that is a process in HCM not CX? ESs is applications common across all apps. It is sounds like it was a scheduled process HCM system user in Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS) FUSION_APPS_HCM_ESS_APPID that updates the user record trigger by some configuration somewhere some time after when the associated worker record is updated as terminated in HCM.