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Project Number for Payables Invoices in Journals

Received Response

Good Day,

Where can I pull the correct project number field for payables sources?

We use 3 subject areas for our report where both Journals Real Time are mainly used:
- General Ledger - Journals Real Time
- Subledger Accounting - Journals Real Time
- Payables Invoices - Transactions Real Time

I tried using Project Number field from 'Payables Invoices - Transactions Real Time' > 'Distributions' > 'Invoice Details Distribution - Project Information' > 'Project' > 'Project Number' but some Invoice Number is only pulling NULL value while some pull a 'Project Number' but it seems incorrect as the amount is not matching with our Summary Report as the details report is getting all project number?

Removing this project number field, Summary report and this details report is matching.

Maybe you have insight.

Thank you.