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OBIEE - Grand Totals and Percentage is not Calculating Properly

Steelbird ✭✭✭

Hi Team,

Can anyone help me on this issue ?

Orange Cell Grand Totals are incorrect.
All Measures - On Analysis -> Edit Formula -> Aggregation Rule Set to default -> If I made Measure 2 & Measure 3 to Sum Grand Totals are working but Measure 4 percentage at Grand total level data is populating incorrectly.

On Measure 2 - How can we re write the formula Using filter clause instead of Case Logic. I created below individual using filter clause and aggregation in grand total is working as expected. But I need the two conditions should be having in single column formula using Presentation variable.

Please find the attached excel for reference.



  • Hi @Steelbird

    Are you still looking for help on your question? as this is posted almost 10 days back. Let me know so that we can review further this thread?



  • On Measure 4 Grand Total level, you have your choices of aggregation type, such as Average, based on the values above it in the same column. There is no way to perform a calculation based on other columns in the Grand Total level.

    For your second question, I'm not completely following. Your spreadsheet shows 2 case statements - one where you evaluate variable p_smsr to equal MTD with an ELSE logic. The next case statement evaluates the same variable equals to MTH also with ELSE logic, but these combined yield 4 different formulas. You may be able to combine these 2 case statements with appropriate logic. I need more details to fully understand your objective.

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