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Oracle Redwood - Development of a Service-Specific Dashboard for Enhanced Operational Insights


Propose developing a dedicated service-specific dashboard within Oracle to provide comprehensive metrics similar to the existing sales dashboard. This new dashboard will focus on critical service operation metrics such as Service Requests (SRs) logged, Work Orders processed, trend analysis, queue management, daily assignment metrics, and utilization statistics for different queues.

The purpose of this initiative is to empower service teams with actionable insights into their operational performance and workload dynamics. By visualizing trends and performance metrics in real-time, the dashboard will facilitate proactive decision-making and strategic planning. It will also include analytics on the most utilized queues, enabling teams to optimize resource allocation and enhance service delivery efficiency.

This proposal aims to enhance user experience by centralizing essential service metrics in one intuitive interface, enabling teams to monitor and optimize their operations effectively. I believe this dashboard will not only improve operational efficiency but also contribute significantly to customer satisfaction through streamlined service management that is provided Out of the box.

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