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Are any Predictive Analytics content made available out of the box with Fusion HCM Analytics? If yes, can you point me to the relevant documentation on it? 


Sid M.


  • Hi Sid M

    Not in the current 4.1 content release.  In the upcoming releases? Yes. Our product teams are working toward it.
    We would be happy to learn, if you have any specific use case(s)/business outcomes around it. You can reach out to me directly. 

    There are forecasting and trends though - please check this out for a prebuilt project which uses forecasting/trends in HCM Analytics.

    I also encourage to reference the following - for leveraging the underlying FAW platform services, OAC and ADW - to achieve capabilities of predictive analytics.


  • Hi Ravi,

    I am very new to Predictive Analysis and currently gong through the materials you have shared. Just like we have some processes in place to sync DFFs into OTBI Subject Areas and many other jobs that sync data into HCM, do we need to do any setups or run any process to keep 'Out of the Box for predictive analytics' updated?



  • Hi Vibha ,

    There are no such processes in FAW to be run. Please do let us know if there are any specific use cases/business questions that you are looking to be answered via FAW.




  • Hi Nupur,

    Thanks for responding. I am going through the reference material on how can this be implemented/used by my Client. I have 2 questions.

    1. If I understand it correctly, this is only for the Line Managers and appears under My Team in HCM Cloud. I donot see this under My Team. Is there a setup t enable it under My Teams?

    2. I am seeing Workforce Predictions under HR on Home Page. Is this same as Worker Prediction? When I open Workforce Predictions,  I see a blank page and noting comes up? Is there again a setup to enable this data to show up?

    3. Under Manage HCM Workforce Predictions, I only see Performance and Attrition. Are there only 2 models enabled in HCM for now?



  • Hi Vibha ,

    It appears to me that you are looking for something within your Cloud HCM product offering ( My Team or My Client Group). FAW is a separate product and customer needs to procure separate license for this product.

    Also , FAW HCM product is not only meant for Line Manager , but it caters to various user persona like HR Users , Talent Acquisition User , Compensation Users , Talent Managers ( working with Performance /Goals/Check-In ) etc.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.