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DV - Custom Calculation object that can be shared between DV Projects


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Idealy, we would have the possibility to create a custom calculation and save it as an object (maybe in a sort of catalog, like the Projects catalog and the Data Sets catalog).

The creator is the owner and the only one with Edit access by default (until other users are added with Full Control).

This Custom Calculation could be used in multiple DV Projects.

When the definition is changed by the owner this is reflected in all the DV Projects were is used.

Use Case and Business Need

A DV Developer can use the same custom culculation in multiple projects.

If the defition of the calculation is changed it has to be changed in all the projects.

This can take a long time depending on the number of projects.

Saving calculations as object in a sort of Catalog will allow the Developer to manage them in only one place.  

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