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Export dataset or project to an Excel file type format



Customers are requesting the ability to export a dataset or a project (canvas) to an Excel file type format and NOT only in CSV as it's not keeping the format they need.

Use Case and Business Need

Customers are requesting the ability to export a dataset or a project (canvas) to an Excel file type format and NOT only in CSV as it's not keeping the format they need.

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Feature delivered as a Preview: Export table visualizations to Microsoft Excel in the November 2022 Update.


  • This is needed as some customers first do self-service analysis and then they want to share the results with excel savvy people who want to continue their analysis in excel. Respecting the format of tables and pivot tables is needed for that.

  • We've had many users ask why they can't export to excel and complain that their pivot tables are not retaining the same format when they export to CSV. If you include a column in your pivot (e.g. MONTH), the CSV exports it as a flat detailed list, and loses the pivot summarization... For example:

    Pivot in OAC appears as:

    Customer Jan Feb
    A 100 200
    B 400 500

     After exporting to CSV, appears as:

    Customer Month Amount
    A Jan 100
    A Feb 200
    B Jan 400
    B Feb 500


  • The ability to transform and/or share insights/information from a DV project in excel, respecting minimal formatting would be of high added value.

  • Perficient as a company has standardized on OAC for enterprise reporting and dashboards. Although we typically discourage exporting to Excel if it can be avoided, there are several use cases at our company where there is a need to export a visualization or a canvas to Excel while keeping the format (the way it worked in OBIEE). The lack of this feature has caused some to think about using Answers for certain use cases. It would be great to have this feature in Data Viz as well.

  • M_Kumaran
    M_Kumaran ✭✭✭✭

    It adds value .

  • ALOK SH-Oracle
    ALOK SH-Oracle ✭✭✭✭✭

    Business want to compare the OAC classic output(formatted Excel) and DV view export in CSV. If this feature will be enable it will help business to validate the reports data.

  • For which version is this planned?

  • Due to the local settings of the operating system it is also leading to miss-interpretation of the comma-separated file in Excel if using the csv file. So export is highly appreciated from all users.

  • Any update on what release this will be in?

  • When can we expect this feature as it's going to be a very useful one

  • Any updates on the release of this?

  • The ability to export a report into Excel while retaining the formatting would be a very useful feature to further drive DV adoption. Current options of CSV / PPT / PDF / PNG either result in a loss of formatting or loss of ability for further analysis including minor calculations. Excel exports save significant time (as in SI) and will position DV more as a end use product vis-à-vis CSV extracts that hint at mere data extracts.

  • I have been using the "Preview" of this feature and it's less than desirable. It can only be used when you have the whole workbook open. If you have a canvas embedded on an Answers dashboard page, the export option does not appear. Secondly, when you do get the Excel export option to appear, you can only use it if you have full author permissions because it asks you to save the workbook at the time of export. So any filters or changes you made to your workbook will be saved every time you hit export. And it's even worse if you are a Read Only user. You get teased with the new Export option only to find out you don't have permission to use it. In addition, the export option is buried 5 or 6 clicks deep into the workbook adding lots of steps. The usability of this feature could use more refinement before it's production ready.

    Just make it so we can Copy and Paste with Ctrl C and Ctrl V

  • Hi Branden,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    (1) Export to excel in embedded mode is something we will support in future. We have this in our backlog / roadmap

    (2) Save before export - is a bug. We are fixing this, and the change will be reflected with Jan 2023 update of OAC

    (3) I tested as a read-only user and i can confirm export option is available. We do have additional capability where author can decide to turn off export capability on the workbook when creating curated dashboard experience in Present.

    (4) In terms of having visibility of export option:

    • The top header bar export option will also provide support for excel support (i will confirm if this is coming in Jan 2023)
    • We will work on a new UX for visualization toolbar that will show export option

  • Thanks @Avinash Krishnaram-Oracle ! Can I also make a suggestion that we can make Export to Excel its own link in the menu to save on clicks? Most of our users either just take a screenshot/snippet of the graph or dashboard they use or Export to Excel. Most of the other Export options are rarely ever used.