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Support for Treemap charts in OAC with being able to configure drilldown options

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I am looking for "Support of Treemap charts in OAC with being able to configure its drilldown options"



I have a requirement to use Treemap charts to show categorial data. I show in Y-axis "Record Count" and in X-axis multiple categories, i.e., "Month", Week and Date. This shows me the chart as in the attached screenshot.

My requirement is to be able to configure, "how I represent these 3 categories in the chart". By default, I want only the high level category that is "Month" to be shown in the chart (Record Count vs Month). When user double clicks on a particular "Month" (drills down), only then I want the Weeks within the month to be shown up. Similarly, when user double clicks on a particular Week (drills down), I want the Days within that Week to be shown up. 
Can this be configurable in OAC?

Thanks in advance,


Screenshot 2019-12-01 at 7.51.50 AM.png


  • Hi Chethana,

    1. Using Prepare tab in OAC-DV, you can extract month,week and day columns seperately from date column in prior if they are not seperate as you only want month to be shown .

    2. Once you get a tree-map with month as an category being shown in chart, you can right click on the corresponding tile & use drill-down option to drill to corresponding attribute,category, hierarchy column you are looking for (here drill down to Week Column).

    3. Now what happens is that month acts as a filter to the visualization, thus showing only the weeks of that particular month, similarly the way for week drill-down as well


  • Thank you.  This was very useful.

    Instead of right clicking on the "Month" in the chart and then clicking on "drill to Attribute/Hierarchy" and then drilling to "Week", can't this be possible by double clicking on "Month" in the chart, so that, the weeks in that "Month" are shown. (this is how standard Treemap drill down works). Similarly, drill down from "Week' to "Day" by just double clicking on a "Week". Also to be able to drill up from "Day" to "Week" and "Week" to "Month" by means of an arrow up button, for example. Would this be supported in OAC?

    Thanks in advance,