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Creating Interdependent Parameters in BIP Report in SAAS Enviornment



It is a common requirement for many customers to have the parameters interdependent

Use Case and Business Need

Say suppose I want to create a report to find the woker headcount, Here we may create a report which would comprise of following setup:


Parameter1 : BU ( List of all Valid Business Units)

Parameter2 : Department (List of All Department which should get filtered basis business unit)

I know we can achieve this using Dashboard Prompts but is it possible via BI Report and can we have this feature on a ESS Job


I guess having this functionality in SAAS model would be really helpful




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  • Hi Ashish,


    Yes, The business unit, LDG, Division and Deartment are the parametrers which are mostly used across business. It should be available in the BI Reports.



    Varun Kota

  • AshishERPCloud
    AshishERPCloud ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Varun,


    Thanks for the reply.


    A lil bit confused when you say 'It should be available in BI Reports"

    Does it means they already exist or a desired feature.


  • Ashish,
    from what i could understand, you need report prompt on 'Department' that filters based on the already selected value based on 'Business Unit' prompt
    This can be done using the 'Prompts' tab in the analyses itself
    let me know if you meant anything else?
    for now, i would mark it as already existing

  • Hi Raghu,

    Yup am aware this is possible in OTBI Analysis but the query is more from a BI Data Model perspective.

    Is this feature available in BI too ?

    If yes, please provide some sample doc/links . if not wondering whether there are any possibility of having this in upcoming releases?

    Kind Regards




  • Ashish,
    did you mean, a BIP report?
    if yes, then it is not available by default
    you need to try if you can filter the department list of values query based on the BU selected
    yes, this can be an enhancement in BIP

  • Yes, I am referring to BIP Report.

    I know in EBS we could refer to first parameter using $FLEX$ feature and apply filter on LOV for second parameter, not sure if similar functionality can be achieved (in SaaS)

    Wondering if I would need an SR to get this as an enhancement( the issue being I am not working with any client right now so probably would not be able to lodge an SR )

    Kind Regards


  • Ahmed Maher K.
    Ahmed Maher K. ✭✭✭✭✭

    Interesting idea.