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Dashboards - Disable Default Row Limit


Use Case and Business Need

Currently the default row limit is set to display the first 500 rows per analysis. It would be nice to disable the row limit or have the ability increase the row count to the be compatible with the format you select (e.g., 65K for xls). We have several dashboards that will eventually have more than 500 rows in the analysis and waiting until the record count reaches 501 in order to manually increase this is not a scalable solution.

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  • Hi Sara,
    The max row count can be set within the Table View Properties. Enter a value (e.g., 65000) into the Rows per Page cell to increase the amount.

    That said, I agree that it would be nice if we could set this at a global level instead of analysis by analysis.

  • Hi,

      Yes agreed. Though this limit can be changed in Table View properties, the default limit should be definitely more than 500 rows per page, as this is a small resultset that we generally work with.