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Enable CSV output in BIP



Enable CSV output as default option for BI reports

Use Case and Business Need

CSV output is quite common when creating interfaces to deliver reports to 3rd party vendors. The CSV option built in to BI Publisher is actually a data dump and does not follow the construction of the report. It would be quite beneficial to have the simple CSV output as a default option, rather than having to build an eText template.

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  • Yes, good Idea 

    Only thing is it will be great if the delimiter can also be specified e.g. it can be pipe ,it can be a comma etc.



  • Hello,


    100% agreed!

    We found that you don't need to create an eText, which is horrendous, but that using the default RTF template works as well. The rtf layout is created, then you can go in the "view as a list" mode, and select only CSV as an output option. That nullifies the RTF, as then the system will ignore the RTF superbly at the execution time, and will output the data straight as it comes out of the data model.

    For the separator, you can adjust that in the properties of the report / formatting / CSV Output / Delimiter.

    There are tricks to setup right in the data model as well:

    - if you have blank fields, you are safer to click on the properties in the data model (top left), then in the "XML Output options", select "Include Empty Tags for Null Elements"

    - if you want the titles in your csv, in the same place you'll want to select "Include Parameter Tags". You can update these titles in the Structure tab of the data, in the "Display Name".

    - if the fields don't show up in the right sequence, that's because your data model became a bit stubborn: you can delete the data set and add it again: it will recreate all the columns in the sequence they appear in the code.


    BUT: all of these are workarounds painfully discovered over the years, it'd be soooo much easier to have a "create CSV report" button, based on the SQL and some default parameters, to do it all in one click...

    good luck,




  • Yes it took a lot of time to figure out workarounds. A simple straightforward solution would be really great.

    Kind Regards


  • Ho, and little update:

    following the approach I detailed above:

    1 - you don't have to use the rtf auto-generate layout, you can also use the "guide me" approach and put the columns where you want.

    2 - if you want delimiters others than the comma, in the properties of the data model be sure to NOT tick the box "Enable CSV output". ahem. That seems to trigger a default csv setup that overwrites everything set-up further down. With this tick box UNticked it will take into account the delimiter's formatting defined either at the server or the report layer.

    Anyone has an easy solution to remove the default double-quotes " that come around text strings? The target system doesn't want them but I don't see how to remove them,

    good luck,