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select all columns option on drag and drop while creating report with data model



select all columns option on drag and drop while creating report with data model

Use Case and Business Need

It would be better if we have a option to select all columns on single click for drag and drop while creating reports with Data Model in BI Publisher

Thanks - Thiru

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  • Well one can always use the auto-generated template in that case and make changes.

    I mean , I can understand that one option could be that all columns of a data model is selected and then the report owner (developer / creator) can remove the ones not required, but sometimes the number of columns are so large that accommodating the same in the defaulted layout could be troublesome.

    A good idea if can be implemented, but we surely have other workarounds.

    Instead, I guess there could be other major enhancements we should be seeking implementation like allowing more number of rows to be displayed, using lexical parameters.. and many more.

    Note: Personal opinion (open for counterviews)

    Kind Regards


  • Thanks you Ashish,

    Yes I understand that we have option to auto generate template and make changes. but its is usefull who are note interested in working on RTF template.

    And It can be developer choice if he wants to selcet all or any few if we have number of columns are more

    Thanks - Thiru


  • Agree to this idea, very much needed especially since we do not have a database query tool available in Cloud. 

    I agree it is not advisable when creating reports to fit within layout , but for the purpose of extracting data using BI, this will be very helpful

  • kmanda
    kmanda ✭✭✭

    Great idea..This would save a lot of time!!

  • Completely agree with this idea. For seeded reports, there is no real need since you can use the already existing templates and remove whatever you do not need but for any custom built report, I typically write my queries with all the columns I already want so manually dragging and dropping each column is quite time consuming.

  • Definitely agree! Indeed because the only way to query in the database and to search for more than 200 rows is by creating a report. Selecting all columns at once would save a lot of time

  • Great Idea !! .It would save lot of time 

  • Hi - This post is more than a year old. I am wondering if this idea has been considered and planned for?

    If not, I agree with this idea!  I have one report with many columns and then missed 2. I am unable to add when trying to edit, saying there is not enough space.

    The only way is to re-create the report, start from scratch.

    Any workaround from anyone?




  • Hi Daisy,

    This Idea is not yet planned, but you dont need to re-create report from scratch if you want to add additional columns.

    You can increase report width, Fields will be available in Data Source, report width you can change in Properties section, Please see this attached Image for reference.




  • Great! This is very helpful.

    Thanks a lot!