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Deleted Reports - Recover and Audit



We would like the ability to audit who deleted a report and also be able to recover the report.

Use Case and Business Need

We would like the ability to recover reports that were deleted. It would be helpful if OBIEE had a "trash" folder for deleted reports that could then be set to automatically empty after a certain number of days. We've had issues where reports were accidentally deleted and we could not recover them. It would also be helpful to be able to audit who exactly deleted the report. 

I've seen in other posts that Oracle's response is to archive your reports on a daily or weekly basis but this is time consuming and not a viable long-term solution. 

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  • Hello,

    Yes, and it would also be useful to have some kind of tracking / history tab which would allow us to know which modification has been made in OBI and who made it.

    For example, if someone changes the general path to the company's reports, then this has an impact on the agents' running: since the path to the reports has changed, agents won't be able to run correctly and users won't receive their reports.

    Thank you

  • Hi All,

    Is there anything new about that? We actually monitör the deleted reports and their audit logs.


  • Someone has deleted custom BI folder with all reports and date models in our company. It was test environment and i was able to archive/unarchive folders from production. Still this would be valuable tool. It take a second to delete and I have made mistake when deleting one report instead of renaming it... However, it we recoverable from other environment.

  • When you archive object (data model/report)  from test folder, , then unarchive it to production folder, and delete object from test folder.... there is no trace in BI audit report that you deleted object from test folder. BI audit report only shows update operation, not deletion. 

  • need to trace who deleted report or data model.

  • We had the same issue and were unable to recover this information. A work around to prevent future accidental deletes would be to change Permissions on the catalog items and remove Delete and Edit privilege. Keep "Change Permissions" Privilege for BI Admins so they can change permissions and Edit the objects.