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Ability to automate backup/deploy of analytics and reports on Oracle Cloud HCM BI



Currently no tools are available to allow for automated backup and deploy of analytics and reports.

There is no clear way to version our objects. We should also have the ability to store BI objects as code/text instead of binary. The binary objects can fail if you try to import across different versions of Oracle Cloud HCM BI.

Use Case and Business Need

The problem that I am trying to solve is automation of BI analytic/report backups and deploys. There is a compliance and risk problem for us by not having this automated and auditable. With automation options, we would be able to connect deploys to CI/CD pipelines (with appropriate approvals) and satisfy our requirements.

More details

On-premise Fusion BI client tools have options that allow for this i.e. Catalog Manager and runcat.(cmd | sh). This functionality is not usable in Cloud per document - Oracle should provide a method to allow automated migration of analytics and reports from pod to pod.

Should also have the ability to export BI analytics/reports as code/text to store in a repository.

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