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Secue Global Desktop Oracle VM Template (v4.7) - setup fails with invalid certificate error

After unsuccessfully trying to track down an Oracle VM Assembly for OSGD 5.x I decided to grab version 4.7.

After importing the assembly and then creating a new VM from the resulting OVM Template, the initial part of the setup appeared to go OK. Hostnames, IP address, Subnet mask, gateway etc.

After sticking in YES to the ts&cs, we are then greeted with a scrolling message:

Certificate File Name [*] Sorry that isn't a valid certificate name, please try again"

That's it - there is no way to proceed, so we have to shut the VM off.

As it's a template, we get the same results every time.

But OVM Templates should just work, that's the point of them, so how come this one doesn't!?



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